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Idea Validation

•PCB design and sourcing​

•BOM sourcing​

•Functional Test Jig Development​


PCB Assembly & Box Building

•3D printing ​

•Silicon mold development​

•Commercialization support

Mass Production

•Support for turnkey solutions right from concept to commercialization

•Sourcing support​

We help turn startup ideas into reality with quick validation and manufacturing support for ultra low volumes. Let us assist in bringing your vision to life.

Quick Prototype Services


Automatic Magazine Loader and Unloader​

Automated Dust free operation without human intervention.​

PCB Cleaner​

Automated Brush/Vacuum Cleaning/Stick Dust/Electrostatic Removal/ Detection​

Paste Printer  ​

Automated with high speed, high precision, temperature and humidity monitoring ​

Reflow Oven ​

10+2 zone with wireless profiler, N2 compatibility​ and in-built flux management system

3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)​

Fully Automated solder paste Volume and Area measurement with 15μm pixel resolution​

Chip Mounter ​

PCB Size 1200mmx460mm, thickness 0.03mm~4.5mm, CPH 92,000​

Fine Chip Placer

Accuracy: 0.03mm, Component height: 12mm, Automatic tray changer, CPH 56,000​

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Fully automated with i3D technology, high speed with 80Megapixel imager​

PCB Router ​

Heavy duty - capable of machining FR4 and Aluminium clad PCB, with cutting accuracy of +/-0.01mm, RPM 60K ​

In Circuit Testing ​

Automated Brush/Vacuum Cleaning/Stick Dust/Electrostatic Removal/ Detection​

Traceability Software

Complete setup tracking and bar coding at component level ​

Wave Soldering

Automated PCB component attachment with a wave of molten solder.

Preforming (vertical& horizontal)

Automated PCB assembly using preforming (vertical & horizontal).

Robotic Soldering

Robotic soldering with Mitsubishi 4-axis SCARA robot: consistent high-quality joints, reduced operator skill requirements, and up to 2x productivity.

Laser Marking

Laser marking with automated precision and efficiency.

Conformal Coating Stations

Precise, protective layers for enhanced reliability and longevity.


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